Since Murphy Hall is such an “elusive” place on Arcadia’s campus, students that don’t have any reason to be there tend to forget it even exists. I’m sure that there are first years that will arrive, make it through their 4 years, and graduate before knowing Murphy as anything more than “that one with the tower over there.” Maybe it’s the fact that the building doesn’t reside within that loop around Haber Green, which hides it in the background. Maybe the hill leading up to it has simply deterred too many people because “it’s just not worth it.” Maybe the orientation tours just don’t come up that far. Who really knows.

The point is, Arcadia students don’t know anything about Murphy Hall. So, what we decided to do was play a little game of two truths and one lie with people around campus. We worked together to compile a list of obscure facts about the building by talking to various faculty members and doing some research on Murphy’s history. We then paired these truths together with some believable lies that we hoped sounded more true than the facts we found. When it finally came time for Luke Fournier, Maxwell Henry, and Alex Kang to go out and do some lying, we received some interesting results. Check it out:

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